To International Readers (Apologies and Announcement)


To international readers,

First of all, thank you for your interests in visiting this blog, and also to encouraging me (and enquerying in a polite manner). I understand some of your eager towards android development especially for hayabusa/TX. I feel sorry to you since you've been patiently waiting for my new builds and I haven't been able to reply you back for a long time.
It's a balance between my interests in android and my regular work; it's been a busy time for me the last few months but I will try to update timely for the coming months.

Since I haven't been to xda forums so long, I'm not sure about the current progress on TX development there. Are they still working on CM13.0 builds for UNLOCKED blue devices? My interests are solely in building CM13.0 for LOCKED hayabusa which requires extra effort so situation is slightly different in here and xda. (It's easy for me to build working CM13.0 for UNLOCKED blue but I don't own the unlockable international devices)

I'm releasing CM13.0 for locked Z/ZR now and I'm hoping to get my hands on building CM13.0 for hayabusa next(since it's been quite long since I last built a rom for it). Please note I'm neither professional in C nor Java so progress may be slow  especially for fixing wi-fi permission issues (because it fundamentally needs kernel-side fix but I am not allowed to on LOCKED devices). I will try to update at least once a month from now on.

My current schedules in priority
・Building CM13.0 for locked hayabusa(fix for camera and wi-fi sudden freeze)
・Building CM13.0 for locked Z Ultra and Z1
・Releasing CM13.0 device tree source for locked fusion3 devices
・(on request)Building CM12.1 for fusion3(yuga,dogo) that fixes the mobile data

again, thanks you for your interests in my blog but please remember I'm doing this for my own purpose and although I'm able to help you in English I don't do so much as my policy is that everyone makes self-help efforts since all the information is given in my blog(in Japanese).


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2016年5月12日 0:42 delete

thank you for the hard job for all of us . You created stock android experience in Europe as well :)

2016年5月14日 18:26 delete

Hi i have unlocked xperia tx if you build cm13 for unlock tx i can test it and feedback. Actually i shared your blog link on xda because xda didn't know about your rom in Japan. I didn't shared it by my name it's yours :-) thanks

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